It Girls

In October of 1999, The New Yorker magazine ran a picture of two pretty teenagers dressed in really snaky dresses. They sort of loosely held onto pillows in which they were not even vaguely interested; they looked at the camera with a sultry teenage confidence as if to say, ah, you’ve interrupted us in the [Read more →]

Movie Stars in Brooklyn

Okay, movie stars live on my block. I can’t tell you who, but they are pretty big movie stars. They show up in magazines all the time and the wife especially seems to be considered Hollywood royalty. Only here’s the thing: I don’t live in Hollywood, I live in Brooklyn. There are other movie stars [Read more →]

How I learned to stop worrying and love Broadway

Originally Published inĀ The GuardianĀ September 28th After years of fringe productions, one of my plays is finally being staged on the Great White Way. It’s like moving from a studio to a penthouse … I was at a party a couple of years ago where a group of off-off-off-Broadway theatre artists sat around and watched the [Read more →]